Busting the beauty myths

When most of the world went into lockdown, there was a lot of chatter on how people finally had time to try out some beauty tips they had shelved for a while. Some shared their feedback, others, well, we can only assume things did not go as planned. Social media platforms are full of beauty ideas and tips, and it’s highly likely you have tried one or two, rice water for your hair, egg and cinnamon for your face, there are a variety of things you could try. Some may swear by these others have paid dearly from trying beauty and hair tips shared by friends and strangers. The question is are these tips tried and tested, is there any real evidence they actually work?

It may be 2020 but there are still so many beauty myths out there which we follow even when not entirely sure if they are actually true or not. These are beliefs on beauty that have been passed on from generation to generation, they cover hair growth, wrinkles, cellulite, you name it. Well perhaps we can give you some clarity on some of the popular one by indicating which ones are true or false. You may finally be able to free yourself from some routines you have maintained for decades.

Staying indoors makes dark skin lighter: Should we be expecting lighter skin everywhere as people come out of the lockdown? Long term exposure to the sun may cause damage to your skin and make it darker. Staying in doors does not necessarily make you lighter it just means you will not be exposed to the sun’s rays and therefore reduced or no damage will occur. If you don’t normally spend long periods in the sun, you will not see much of a difference on your skin when you stay indoors. So please, do not deprive yourself of some Vitamin D, just remember to put your sunscreen on.

Stress causes hair to go gray: Have you noticed some extra grays in the last few months since you’ve had to work from home and deal with screaming kids, barking dogs and noisy neighbours? A few scientific studies are showing that there actually is some correlation between stress and hair going grey as stress may affect the development of hair pigmentation. So, you may actually be making a correct observation.

Brushing your hair often will cause hair loss and damage: this one is not true as the frequency of hair brushing has no effect on your hair falling out. However, if you are using a brush that is not ideal for your hair texture and forces you to pull hard on your hair then that may cause your hair to break. Therefore, it is not brushing that breaks your hair but pulling on it. A proper brush actually helps in stimulating your hair follicles which helps with growth.

Hair ties cause damage to hair: unfortunately, this myth has truth to it. We love our hair ties; we always have a spare one in the bag or your office drawer. However, if you wear your hair tie too tight, again you pull on your hair which causes damage to the hair follicle and results in hair loss. The trick is to wear loose ponytails, avoid sleeping with a hair tie and just occasionally wear your hair down or just rock that fro’.

For expert hair care to treat any damaged hair, make an appointment with the primlancer closest to you and be on your way to good looking and healthy hair.

It’s not necessary to moisturise oily skin: very far from the truth this one. All skin type require moisture to stay healthy. The lack of moisturisation may actually cause damage to the skin as well as breakout. Also using serums that remove even the natural oils on your skin may actually cause your skin to overcompensate and produce more oil. It is argued tat moisturising oily skin may actually reduce the production of excess oil.

What you eat affects your skin: this is true. Usually the skin is a good indicator of what you are putting in your body. Sugary foods for example usually lead to breakouts. That’s why sometimes after having that box of chocolates or downing that bottle of wine you will notice pimples on your face. There have been reports by people who have embarked on clean eating, that their skin is clearer and healthier looking. While not all skin problems can be attributed to healthy eating, the food you eat contributes to overall skin health. Sometimes all you need to restore the glow is a good facial. Prim-u will connect you to the best service providers close to your place of comfort.

It’s amazing how much these myths have such a hold on our daily rituals. Well hopefully now you will be able to not worry about some of them and start embracing the ones that actually affect your health and beauty. It is also important to get advice from an expert before you take matters into your own hands which may cause even more damage. Another thing to note is that the short-term benefits of your beauty measures might not outweigh the long-term side effects, it’s important to be fully informed. Beautify responsibly.