During Covid-19 Crisis – So what have we learnt from the pandemic?
Beauty’s role in our lives has changed completely during the Covid-19 outbreak. It’s a total reset, but Innovation through a time of crisis can create new opportunities. We started out focusing on services before the Covid-19 crisis, and we have now shifted into product sales and we are now exploring developing and offering virtual services.

Youth Empowerment & Inclusion
We’ve gone on to take a fresh look at our brand to reflect our youth empowerment vision. On the Prim-U platform we are providing access to qualified therapists looking for support in starting their business as mobile therapists. We are looking for partnerships with corporates to create value chains for entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Future – Post Covid-19 – Impacts, So what have we learnt from the pandemic?
The post covid-19 future of the beauty and wellness industry will be an increased demand for digital and on-demand services. However, there is still a need for more digitisation to make integrated supply chains possible. Like many other industries, the beauty world has been hugely affected by the Covid-19 crisis, we are looking for more collaboration with investors that come through with funding. Finally, now that the industry is doing all it can through to combat the loss of sales, government and corporates should support startups by providing access to markets as SMEs provide services and avail themselves.

So what are we doing to prepare for the future?
During this lockdown period, we’re taking this time to look and build partnerships to grow and scale our brand. We are also getting ready to comply with the regulations by applying the necessary health and safety measures in response to the current challenges.