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For Customers

Enjoy beauty treatments wherever U are

Struggling to find the time to pamper yourself? With just one click, Prim-U will connect U to the right primlancer, at the right time, right in the comfort of your home. On holiday? Book an expert primlancer closest to U. Simply click, pick a treatment and we’ll come to U.

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Small business? We want to offer U a big opportunity. Download the Prim-U app and we’ll instantly give U access to thousands of customers, salons, spas and guesthouses closest to U. So simple. So mobile. So rewarding.

For Salons / Spas

The beauty platform that benefits U

Prim-U makes offering customers exceptional luxury at everyday prices easy. We’ll make use of your under-utilised space and match U with any beauty therapist U need – from massage therapists to beauticians and hair stylists. It’s big businesses helping small businesses gain even bigger opportunities. It’s a win-win.


Enjoy beauty treatments wherever U are

After months of planning and preparation for your very special day, you and your team deserve to be pampered at your convenience. The Prim-U App will connect you to the right Prim-U Lancers and businesses to get you ready.

Group Bookings

Connecting U to our network of customers

Once you download the Prim-U App you instantly get connected to beauty specialists who can cater for large or small groups. From getting ready to Fashion shows, to spoiling your mom and her sisters . We connect U.

Corporate Events

Presentation is everything,

First impressions last. Get connected to Professionals that can partner with you to get your team ready at that crucial time where it really matters the most. The first step would be to download the Prim-U App.

About Prim-U App

Prim-U is South Africa’s first online booking hub that connects world-class beauty entrepreneurs in the industry to customers and hundreds of salons, spas, hotels and guests houses countrywide.

From massages to beauty treatments to male grooming, we’re your one-stop platform for every pampering need.

Our main aim is to give small businesses big opportunities, while bringing every customer the ultimate experience and 100% satisfaction. This is our promise.


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Latest News

It’s 2019, getting pretty hurts no more!
I spent a number of years living in a part of Cape Town that had what felt like a million and one hair salons in it. I doubt I will be exaggerating if I said one in every three shops was a hair salon. The first place that I spent the first two years getting my hair done at had not been selected based on any wow factor. It was the end of the month, most of the salons were too full and my claustrophobic self could not handle it. Then I found this one that happened to have an empty chair in it, I went in and that became my hair place. It would eventually turn out to be a very good place that I even recommended friends and family to, I loved the ladies who worked there, loved their service. When they all moved on and sold the salon to new owners I was honestly lost for a bit. I was suddenly faced with the fact that I had to find a new hair salon and dresser. You would think living in a place with a million hair salons would have made it easier. Girl, was I wrong! All I know is I would spend the next few months hoping from one salon to the next because I could not find one where I felt at home and actually liked the service I was getting.
The process of choosing a hair salon for me was an excruciating and costly one by means of trial and error. I had no sure way of knowing what kind of service to expect. Sometimes I found a good hairdresser but did not like the premises or the other way around. I went to places where I was promised a great hairdo and walked out of there dying to get home and just undo it all. But that was back in 2011 and things have definitely changed regarding how I decide by whom and where I get my hair done with the assurance of getting a good service.
Its 2019 and now I get to make all these decisions using the Prim-U app. First of its kind in South Africa. I can choose from the comfort of my home the place or individual I would like to do my hair and an array of other beauty treatments based on location, the primlancer (service provider)’s ratings and schedules. So, I do not have to confront full salons any longer, I can get a primlancer to come to my home or I can choose to go to them and know that I will not have to sit for hours and wait for service. The ratings assure me that I am guaranteed a good service. The profile of the primlancer will give me an idea of whether or not that is my ideal service provider. Good bye to trial and error approaches. I don’t know about you but this is something I have been needing since before I could spell the word convenience. Its great to know that should I ever relocate to another part of the country I do not have to go through that nightmare of finding a new place to get my hair, nails or eyebrows done and potentially finding out the hard way that I picked the wrong place.
Download the free Prim-U app and trust me, you will never handle your beauty appointments the same way again. We often underestimate the anxiety associated with choosing the people we can trust with our hair, skin and overall health. The use of the app really takes most of that stress away.

Do join the conversation Prim-U social media pages and tell share how you have been going about choosing beauty salons, maybe tell us the ones you have regretted choosing and the ones you were grateful for.

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I recently booked a pamper party for three of my friends. All primlancers arrived on time and gave us the best experience yet! They were friendly, helpful and so professional! And booking and payment was easy, streamlined and so quick.

Kim Brandt